RIP Natasha McKenna: ignoring the fact Natasha was entitled to treatment for multiple communicable diseases

Dear Pete,

While I appreciate your effort to call attention to the inhumane treatment of Natasha McKenna, I do not understand how you can ignore the fact she was being denied medical treatment for multiple communicable diseases.
You obviously consider yourself an expert on how others with symptoms of severe “mental illness” should be forcibly treated with psychiatric drugs and you are using Natasha’s case to promote your advocacy agenda.
If you were suffering from multiple communicable diseases that are known to cause symptoms of severe mental illness, would you want to be treated for them?
When advocating for the mental health of others, please ensure they will end up receiving the same treatment that you would want for yourself, especially since it can be legally forced upon them.
The British Medical Journal published guidelines for Best Practice Assessment of psychosis.
Your book, Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness, reveals the fact patients are quickly “declared mentally ill” and are denied best practice assessment by medical and mental health professionals.
On your blog you wrote this statement questioning your son’s noncompliance:
Why won’t you just take your medication? I take pills for my cholesterol every night and its no big deal.”
…So why do persons with mental illnesses refuse to take their medication or stop taking them as soon as they become stable? I am asked that question more than any other after I give a speech.”
Let’s skip the obvious reasons –that some anti-psychotic medications can dull a person, make them feel physically lousy, kill their sex drive, cause them to gain weight or send them to bed exhausted even though they are already sleeping for 16 hours a day. Let’s ignore the fact that no one really knows the long term health impact that medication can cause on a person’s body.
How can you just “skip the obvious reasons”?
If your cholesterol medication caused you to be dull, feel physically lousy, killed our sex drive, caused you to gain weight and sleep 16 hours a day, would it be no big deal?
It is unethical to advocate from a perspective that excludes best practice standards of care and is not what you would want for yourself.
As an advocate for others, please re-evaluate your perspective and ethical responsibilities.

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